Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Allergy testing, Life Bar and clean eating

This morning, my poor big girl had to have allergy testing.  For the past week or two, she has been breaking out with these random hives.  Different places of her body, some big, some small.  They would come and go.  Dr. Kim said it was probably caused by some unknown allergy.  But if you know me, an “unknown allergy” is not an acceptable answer for me.  HA!  So we took her to have her tested.


Poor girl :(  And yes, I swear we feed her.  She is just a skinny mini!
Mia is allergic to tons of environmental things, such as tree pollen, dust mites, ragweed, etc.  Sorry baby girl for giving you mommas allergies.  The best part?  Our city was ranked #1 for most terrible city for people with allergies to live in.  Great. Dave said we needed to move to the beach! I’m on board!

We are still loving juicing and clean eating.  It tastes great and makes you feel great!

Mia enjoying her juice (with lots of hidden spinach!) and our home made pizza. Crust is gluten free Naan, hemp oil, sautéed mushroom and onions, fresh organic tomato, organic spinach, feta cheese and avocado.  YUMMY!!!

Since we are loving the whole juice thing, we decided to stop by a local juice store, called Life Bar.  They make all organic juices/smoothies with lots of additional herbs and vitamins. I am a firm believer in herbs and not as much medicine.  I believe that God put everything we need for our bodies on this earth and we don’t need everything “man made.”

My Avocado Dream juice, with an “immunity booster.”  Amazingly delicious and filling!

We are loving this new SUPER healthy life style!

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