Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mia’s FIFTH birthday!

As of today, my beautiful firstborn girl has been in our lives for half a decade, and I don’t even remember life before her.  I don’t want to remember life before her.  She has completely changed our lives and definitely for the better.  Dave and I are better people because of this sweet girl.  She has taught us love that we had never known before.  She has taught us patience, and pushed us to the limits!  Because of my girl, I know absolute unconditional LOVE.  There is nothing she could ever do that would make me not love her.  Disappointed?  Yes.  But, love?  That will never waiver. 


So today, we celebrated one of our greatest accomplishments EVER!

Mia wanted to go to school today, so we took donuts in to her class!  After school, we went to Mr. Gatti’s for some pizza and games!


Next up, was a trip to Claire's!  Her pick :)


This girl loves all things girly and sparkly, glittery and pink and princess-y! So of course she needed princess rings (one for each finger!), bracelets, earrings and a purse!

I mean, I just can’t.  Look at that sweet girl.  I just love her so much it hurts.

This little got to enjoy some birthday celebration too…

Before and After.  I’d say she enjoyed it ;)

And this momma got surprised as well.  Daddy surprised me with the two bands on the outside!


I have said every since Mia has been born, that I would love to have a band for my children.  I have pinned things I like to Pinterest, but that is as far as it went.  However, my super sweet husband has been listening and stalking my Pinterest page and picked out these beauties! 

I am such a blessed and lucky girl. Daddy sure knows how to spoil his girls!

Later in the evening, Meme, Poppy and Ben came over to spend time with Mia on her birthday.  I know she had a great day and felt super special.

Mia Camille, we love you more than life.  You are a very headstrong, stubborn, smart, independent, sassy, ball of energy kind of kid.  Although we may butt heads sometimes, I wouldn’t trade your personality for anything!  You will go far in life sweetheart.  I pray for you and your relationship with God and with your family every day.  You are such a special, one-of-a-kind little girl.  I don’t know how we got so blessed to be your parents.
We love you, forever and ever baby girl!
Happy Birthday!

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