Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring cleaning and De-hoarding

The weather was so nice today, so we opened the windows up and did some deep spring cleaning!  It feels SO good to really scrub your house down and de clutter and get rid of stuff.  While we were cleaning out the refrigerator, this little lady was getting MESSY!

Silly girl playing Peek-a-boo with her bowl!

Dave and I had a discussion, and with the recent health scare and life style changes taking place, we decided to NOT have any more children.  Although this is bittersweet to me, I am excited about moving forward and giving our two girls our very best.  The thought of never carrying a baby in my belly anymore, or never breastfeeding another little one, and never doing skin to skin with a squishy newborn again seriously makes me want to cry, but I know this is what is right for our family.
So, we decided to get rid of the the baby stuff.  We sold the swing, bumbo, boppy’s, bath seat, jumperoo, etc.  It felt great to de-hoard (haha), but was definitely a sad moment.  I look forward to what this next season holds.

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