Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy weekend and an Anniversary Celebration...

So to catch you all up to speed, Friday I worked all day, blah, blah, blah and came home and went to bed.  No time to blog after a 12 hour shift!  Saturday we got up early, had an appraiser come to our house to, obviously, appraise it haha, then we packed up some more boxes, took them to storage and then went to mom's house to get the Yard sale stuff in some kind of order.  We actually had a lot of fun going through the stuff because mom kept some of my junk and I found some awesome, HUGE, black framed glasses without the lenses of my brothers that I wanted! LOL!  Have you ever seen the kid on the Sandlot movie with the big black glasses?   Now, picture me in them all day!  I was cracking up all day!  We have pics, but guess what?  They are on mom's camera since mine is STILL lost!!  Anywho, Dave also found a Jamaican, Bob Marley type hat/wig thing.  He decided he was going to wear that all day too!  He kept flipping his hair back and then eventually it got hot and he asked me for a ponytail holder!  We were a hot mess Saturday! 
Saturday night we went out to eat with Toni, Dave and Dave's brother Steve to El Nopal.  Everyone has been really stressed out and just needed a night to "chillax" as I like to call it.

Toni, Dave and Steve

My dinner!

Mia's dinner!  Healthy guacamole!

silly girl!

Dave with his "Tall" beverage!

That brings me to today.  One year ago today our beautiful baby blessing was discharged home from the NICU.  As you all probably know already, she had a very rough start with a grim prognosis.  She had what the doctors called "one in a million" type of deals with only a 20% survival rate.  Well 17 days in the intensive care unit, my baby girl was ready to come home to her momma and daddy!  PRAISE JESUS!!  On
April 25, 2009 Dave, mom, dad, Ben and I all went to the hospital to pick up princess Mia and bring her home.  We were so excited we all had to go shopping for new outfits and we made reservations to eat at our favorite sushi place for that night.  So we have now made it tradition to go to the same restaraunt EVERY year on April 25.  To me, this day is probably more important and meaningful than her birthday.  Her birthday brings back so many scary memories that I don't like to think about, BUT this day only brings back feelings of joy, happiness, relief and excitement! 
So today we ate sushi!

♥My perfect little blessing♥

up close!

Dad and Mom take 1....

Take 2...

Take 3...

Finally!  My #1 supporters, my family!

Toni and Dave take 1...

Take 2...

GOT IT!  Thanks Dave!

Daddy and his special girl!


The momma and the daddy!

Cute of Mia!

Wore out from all of the excitement!

Oh, and today Mia got her 8th tooth!  YAY! 

Mia Camille, you are my pride and joy, my light, my rock, my sunshine, my saving grace.  You are the reason I breathe and the reason my heart beats.  Without you I would be nothing.  You are my world and I thank God for you every single day, multiple times throughout the day.  I love you more than you could ever know.  I just hope and pray that I can make you half as happy as you have made me.  I can't wait for you to experience this crazy love, also known as a "mothers love" one day.  I would do anything on earth for you and I do mean ANYTHING!  This past year has been the BEST of my life BY FAR!  I can't wait to spend MANY more amazing years with you!  I love you so much beautiful little princess!

God thank you so much for this amazing gift!  I am forever grateful!


the 8 o'clock hour said...

::tears:: happy homecoming mia!!

Anonymous said...

aw!loved reading it! it's me, Nat, it would only let me post as anonymous for some reason??