Friday, April 16, 2010

Were Moving!

We sold our house about a week ago in order to move closer to my parents.  We moved father away from them to begin with in order to get closer to Dave's work, but once you have a baby you REALLY need your parents!  At least I do anyway.  Since Mia has been born, my mom and I have gotten even closer than before, she is my best friend, my confidant, my support, my everything! 

Momma and Me

Anyway, packing is so tiring.  Have you ever tried to pack with your 12 month old?  Well if not, this is what is looks like....

She had to help mommy clean out the fridge!

"I don't wanna move mom!"

All that packing can wear a girl out!

Even with a 12 month old, I still managed to get all of this done!  Never underestimate the power or motivation of a woman!

Tomorrow is a LONG 12 hr workday, so I'm headed to bed...

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Whitney said...

Your mama still looks exactly the same!! Tell her Whitley said hello and congrats to you and Dave on the new house!!