Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor appt and zoo with friends!

First thing this morning I went to Pam's doctors appointment with her because like I mentioned before, I'm the next best thing after Damon!  Today we were hoping for news of an induction in the VERY near future, but no such luck.  We were bummed, but Liam will come when he's ready and when God knows it's safe for him to come out!  We just have so much anxiety and anticipation to see the little monkey!!
After the doctor appt I came home and picked up Dave and Mia so we could go to my parents house and sign a form for the house and fax it back to our real estate agent (we don't have a fax machine haha).  While we were there we saw our "future" room we will be staying in.  It looks great!  My family is so great, I think they may love me, not quite sure, but I THINK they do ;)  On our way home we stopped at Arby's to get some food.  Which by the way, I ate very healthy!
"I'm thinkin Arbys!"

My big lovey♥

Napping in the drive through

As soon as we got the food in the car, this is what I saw ;)

"please no more pictures mom!"

We went home, ate, took a little nap and then headed to the zoo with Cristal, Jaelyn, Pam and Damon!  Cristal and I meet there all the time and Pam wanted to try and walk Liam out!!  Soon she will be going with us pushing a stroller herself!
On the way to the zoo, a tea for me and a frosty for her!

my beauty!

Pam and Damon in front of the "monkey" exhibit!  ♥them!

Mommy and Mia!

It was another great day!  Now I'm gonna pack some more and hang out with my most favorite :)

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