Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that and one of those days

This past week or however long its been, has been an uneventful, yet eventful, week.  Make sense?  We really had nothing big planned but have still been very busy.

I had a "mom" seminar at church on Friday, Saturday we had a cookout/grandma birthday party at My Old Kentucky Home park and watched the UK v. UL football game (GO CARDS!!), Sunday church, Monday doctor and today family pics!  Shew.

My little curly head!

Look at that dirty little face!  LOVE!

Silly girl!

Mia and her Nana

I've had a couple of different people that know and "watch" Mia through church and her school tell me a couple of times that Mia doesn't talk.  In fact, they had never heard her talk until I came to pick her up and she immediately started talking.  You know, hearing that once you just kind of brush it off, but hearing it 2-3 times from different people on different accounts kind of worries me.  I don't know why I let it get to me because she is just a little chatter box around family and friends.  However, I did what any crazy and freaky concerned mother would do, I consulted her pediatrician.  Now, keep in mind that we have the best pediatrician ever.  EVER.  No really.  I have his cell number in my phone.  He is amazing!
When I told him the situation, he nodded in agreement, as if he knew what I was going to say and that it was normal.  He told me that it is completely normal behavior and a personality thing.  He assured me that just like adults, toddlers all have different personalities and she may just be a little anxious to talk to people when her mommy and daddy aren't there.  For crying out loud, I'm very shy until I get to know you!  So THERE!  All the people out there that thinks she doesn't talk!  Maybe she just doesn't like you.  LOL just kidding ;)
I guess like any mom, when something is said about your child, your mommy feathers get all ruffled and you take offense.  You can say anything you want about me, but talking about my kid brings the Hulk out in me!  Dear Lord, help me when she gets older!!

Today we had family pictures taken.  Or tried to have them taken, I should say.  Mia showed her true defiant-toddler self.  She would NOT cooperate for anything.  I think she is so over cameras being in her face all the time that she starts acting out when it's time for pictures.  If any of you know me, this stresses me out.  I was totally worn out by time we got done with the session.  However, I am confident in our photographers skills and know she probably got some really good ones :)

Family pictures, sucker for bribery and no nap.  Guess what kind of rest-of-the-day we had?  My parenting and patience was tested to the max today.  She was being very disobedient, throwing food and splashing large amounts of water out of the tub.  I couldn't turn my head for a second!  I would challenge anyone who thinks sugar does not affect kids to take mine for an hour after she's had a cookie.  You will change your mind.  I assure you of that.  Days like today RE-confirm my strict diet for her.

My little princess is now getting her beauty sleep and hopefully she wakes up on the Bright side of the bed tomorrow because she has a big day of school and AWANA!


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