Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because I’m not random. AT.ALL.

Here’s the story.  It was not my best weekend to date, but we did manage to do some fun things. 


Went to Dick’s with Nana and Papaw to get stuff for Daddy’s birthday.  My little Hercules likes to lift weights like her daddy :)




Went to church and bible study, then to a friends house and played games and hung out.


My munchkin having fun on the trampoline with all the other little girls!



Mia had school during the day, so Dave and I went grocery shopping (I know, I know, so romantic!).  You mean you don’t spend your kid free time alone grocery shopping?!  After the grocery I had to go to work for a few hours and Mia got to go spend time with her favorite boys, Charlie and Brody :)  After work we came home and I did this…


Organized the fridge, and cut up lots of fruits and veggies and put them all in bags so there is no excuse to not pack them for lunch.  Which by the way, I feel the need to mention that my child is a Pepper Snob. And by that I mean, she will no longer eat the green peppers now that she has had the red ones.  She specifically says “Momma, more wed peppahs!”



I had 2 appointments.  One for my physical being and the other for my emotional being.  Therefore, I was going to have a kid-free day.  I started at the Surgeons office where he proceeded to tell me that my gallbladder was only functioning at 11% and therefore needed to come out. OBVIOUSLY. So long gallbladder, you’re no good for me any longer!

Next, I had lunch.  With myself.


Sweet tea and Cool Deli Angus wrap from Arby’s!  To make it even more thrilling:  I ate 


After lunch with myself, I took myself on over to…

wait for it…


I’m not even gonna try and lie and say that I didn’t LOVE it.  Because I did.  It brought out creative and organizing bones that I didn’t even know I had!  This is what I got…


Oh yes, Turbo Tax!  Some lined index cards for writing my go-to bible verses, had my James book bound (thanks to my friend Barbie for suggesting that amazing idea!), some new highlighters and a pen, clips and tabs. 


I’m a dag on rebel without a cause these days! HA

Once my last appointment was done, I got my baby girl and headed to Lifeway to pick up a couple of books.


The second picture is just the description on the back of the first book. This describes my daughter to a T. The second book came highly recommended from several people, so I’m so ready to dive in.  I’ve become an avid reader in my older years :)

AND Today:

I worked until 3, met up with Dave to pick up Mia and then Mia and I went to Target.  Mia has woke up the past couple of days with nose bleeds and I haven't had her humidifier on, just because of my own laziness of not getting her a new filter for it.  So today was the day.  I got a new Air purifier for the whole house, new filter for the humidifier for Mia’s room and some new socks.  RANDOM?  Yep, that’s me!


Snack for our shopping trip.


Mia was SO strangely well behaved at Target today that I wanted to reward her with a treat.  Her diet is SO.CLEAN. that I wanted to give her a little cupcake.  From Gigi's!!


A pretty pink princess cupcake for my little princess


She took a couple of bites and then gave it to me and said “all done.”  I can honestly say I think it was too sweet for her liking.  She isn’t used to that kind of thing.  I was pretty proud of her :)


We came home and got a special visit from Meme and Uncle B…


Smart Uncle B helping Mia trace her numbers.  I hope she gets his smarts, his drive, his motivation and his sheer discipline from him!


There you have it.  I speed read through the past few days!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I get excited about some Staples too! And Matt and I have totally grocery shopped on a "date" once. (;

I have got a stack of books to read, too! I am in the beginning-middle of Dare to Discipline and then I am going to read Shepherding the Heart of Your Child and then I will start the whole James Dobson line of books. Ha! Whew.

Loved the last post. In Dare to Discipline he says even if you are doing everything perfectly that during toddlerhood--they are still going to misbehave and humiliate you from time to time. Hang in there!

Lauren said...

I actually read Shepherding a Childs Heart, it was really good. It just seems so hard to explain the love of Jesus and what He would do to a 2 year old. Parenting is a tough job :)