Monday, February 27, 2012

A crazy few days

Whew! It’s been a crazy busy fun few days! 

Thursday after bible study, Mia and I went to the zoo with friends because it was absolutely beautiful outside!


Eli, Mia, Nadia and Brinlee

We ended up staying a lot longer than usual because Dana ended up coming with Addilyn and Ashley with Taylor, so I let Mia enjoy the weather for an extra half hour. Needless to say, she took a two hour nap once we got home!

Friday, I worked until 3 and then Meme and B came over to hang out with us. We went to eat dinner at Jason’s Deli and then made a trip to Lifeway Christian bookstore.  I bought the movie “Letters to God” not expecting to watch it end up crying my eyes out. It is a very inspiring movie, but if you watch it, be prepared to have the UGLY cry, complete with snot running down your face and frequent hyperventilating! HA!

Saturday Dave finally went and finished up his tattoo that he had been saving for since Christmas and Mia and I made a trip to the mall. Me and my favorite girl, at the mall? What better way to spend a Saturday! I bought Mia’s Easter dress at the Children’s Place, 40% off and then had a coupon for an additional 15% off.  SCORE!


Her new $2.50 shades from the Children's Place!  Miss Hollywood!


After Dave got finished with his tattoo, we had sushi dinner his parents and aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie for his mom’s birthday.  Mia ate all of her salad, so she was able to have a small piece of birthday cake!  The girl was in heaven :)

Sunday Mia went to spend some time with her Nana and Papaw while Dave and I met some of our favorite old friends for lunch and the Louisville basketball game!  It was so much fun and we pulled out the “W!”



After the game we picked up the little lady and went to Moe’s for dinner with some couples in our ABF (Sunday school class) group.  We had a great time getting to know them outside of church!

Today, Mia had school, so Dave and I went grocery shopping and to the mall to get mama some “anti-aging” products.  I told Dave I was not going to age gracefully!  I am my mother’s daughter!  HA!!  My mom has been applying Oil of Olay for YEARS and I am following right in her footsteps!


Once we got home, I cleaned the house while Dave made some chili and then I went to pick M up from school.  The weather was so nice that we did a little bike riding and sliding outside.  Now we are watching Veggie Tales and hanging out!




Today and one year ago.  How did I get a little girl? Although I don’t have a baby anymore, I am so excited for each stage we come too.  This stage is hard but oh so much fun!  Some of the stuff she says and does absolutely cracks me up!


Whew!  Told you it’s been busy around here! I wouldn’t trade a single second!


SassyCassie said...

I watched Letters to God on Netflix when Sam was in like hardcore treatment. I didn't cry until the credits when they showed all the survivors and then I was a MESS!

Kelly-Marie said...

Aww you guys are so cute, and those are some stylish red glasses!

Sean Marie said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

New follower from Our Footprints on the World! Have a lovely day. :)