Sunday, April 8, 2012

ALERT! ALERT! I have a THREE year old!!!

How did that even happen??
I blinked my eyes and here she is.  A full fledged, walking (running), talking (all day long), independent little girl.  I can’t even call her a baby anymore.  She acts more like a 15 year old than a 3 year old.
Three years ago today, I had the BEST and WORST day of my life when I gave birth to a 5lb 13oz beautiful baby girl.  You can read about that here
Three years ago today, God blessed me with the gift of a daughter that I do not deserve.
Three years ago today, my life changed drastically, for the better.  I didn’t even know what was coming!
Three years ago today, at 3:36 pm, I learned that I would give my life for someone who I just met.
Three years ago today, my heart filled with more love than I ever knew it could hold.
Today?  I am counting my blessings.  Although there are hard days, many of them actually, I am honored that God would trust me with the care of His child.

Here are some 3 year old stats:
Physical:  Mia is about 30 lbs. and 36 1/4 inches tall!   About the 40% for both!
Eating habits:  I must say, she ate much better last year around this time. You can read about that here.  She has certainly gotten *picky* in her older years.  I think she is just going through the normal toddlerish control patterns. She still loves to eat chicken and fruit.  Her favorite breakfast food is nutri grain bars.  Mia LOVES organic kids Clif bars, but we had to cut back on those because she was getting constipated from all of the protein! HA!  Mia is not much of a veggie eater.  I try, but she is determined not to eat them.  Except when she initiates eating them.  If it is anyone else's idea, forget about it!
Sleep:  Her sleep pattern is actually VERY much the same as this time last year.  She goes to bed around 9 and wakes up between 8-9am.  Mia is also STILL in her crib.  She makes zero attempts to climb out, so I am not going to force her out until we need the crib for a sibling.  That may affect our wonderful sleeping habits! HA!  Honestly, when she wakes up, she just talks to herself and plays in her bed.  It’s like her own little quiet time that she loves.  I am so thankful for a good sleeper!
Talking:  What doesn’t she say should be the question?  I can now have conversations with her!  And some of the things she comes up with shock me! She makes me laugh on the daily :)
Example:  Dave brought her to my work to meet me and she said “Mommy, here’s your keys.  Daddy going on a date!”  OH REALLY?  News to me! LOL
She is also a bossy britches.  She has gotten SO SO controlling over the past few months.  She even tries to tell me which way to go when we are driving by saying “Mommy, THIS way!” complete with pointing in the direction she wants me to go.
Potty habits:  Actually, we were doing pretty well a few months ago.  She was going to the potty with NO accidents while at home, but we would still wear diapers out because she couldn’t break away from playing to tell me she needed to go.  However, over the past month or two, she has went backwards.  Always wanting to wear her diaper, NOT her big girl panties and only going to the potty randomly while at home.  I’ve decided to back off and let HER guide the way.  She won’t go to her prom in diapers, right??
Social:  Mia LOVES to go on play dates with her friends.  Currently her favorite friends to be with are Brinlee and Nadia.  She talks about them nonstop.   When she gets with them, she is so girly!  She runs around squealing with excitement!!  Of course, she is still crazy in love with her cousins, Charlie and Brody.  They have such a great relationship!  Charlie is very sweet with Mia, while her and Brody are more like siblings! They love each other, but also have little tiffs! HAHA!
Random Smartness:
Mia knows ALL of her body parts.
She knows numerous (all the ones I can think of that make noise!) animal sounds, including lion, elephant, duck, snake, dog, cat, cow, sheep, monkey and horse.  She can name every common animal.
She can sing her ABC’s without missing one letter.
She can count to 10 without missing a number, and to 20 only missing a few.
Mia can name multiple shapes including: circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, square, star, heart, crescent, pentagon and octagon.
She knows all of her colors.
She follows (or should I say “understands”) directions.
She recognizes the letters A, B, C and S.
She works my iPhone as well as I do!

Favorite shows:  Bubble guppies, Mickey Mouse, Team Umizoomi, Little Einstein's, Backyardigans.
Favorite movies:  Robots, Monsters Inc., Tangled, Toy Story (all 3 of them!)
Favorite toys:  iPod, dolls, Barbie's, dress up high heels, books
I’m sure there are things I am missing, but this will do for now!

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