Monday, April 30, 2012

This and That. Here and There.

Friday night, Daddy took a vacation day from work, so he got to stay home with Mia and I, and we were SO excited!  It’s the little things, like having Friday night together as a family, that mean everything to us!  We took full advantage and went and had some frozen yogurt!

I was supposed to work on Saturday morning, but ended up getting the day off, so more family time for us!  Dave did some research on a new place to eat, since we always go to the “usual's.”  We ate at this little burger joint in the highlands, and honestly, I appreciate his effort and spontaneity, it made me nauseous!  HA!  After eating pretty clean and organic, I felt like I was poisoning my body.  We left there, came home and watched movies together.

Sunday we went and picked up Uncle B for church because Meme and Poppy have been working every weekend.  We all went to Sunday school and church and then came back to Meme and Poppy’s house.  Poppy got off earlier than Meme, so we stayed and had lunch with Poppy and B.  Poppy grilled out some delicious food and we had a great time visiting.

After visiting for a few hours, we had a dinner date with 2 other couples from our ABF class.  Every month, Tiffani (Jase’s mommy!) divides us all up into different small groups so that each little group can go to dinner together and fellowship on a more intimate level.  It was so great!
Haha!  Not everyone looking at the same time, but still cute! 
We went to Sake Blue (a local sushi place) with Mindy and her husband Ryan, their girls Adele and Penny, and Samantha and her husband Jake.  Ryan, Jake and Samantha are all in Seminary school, so I got to pick their brains a little bit.  We had a wonderful evening with these guys!

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