Sunday, April 22, 2012

Froyo and Toy Story on Ice

Friday night we spent some time with Meme and B while Daddy and Poppy worked.  We went to Hobby Lobby so I could buy stuff for my wreath I made, and then went out for frozen yogurt with our cousins!!

Trying on Derby hats is always fun!


Mia and the boys :)

Final product!  Not too shabby for my first time!

Saturday we went to see Toy Story on Ice.  This was Mia's birthday present from us.  It was soo much fun!

Me and my big lovey :)

And of course my little lovey!

Posing with Woody and Buzz before the show!

A little sno cone action in her new Buzz cup...

If this picture doesn't show you the pure excitement, I don't know what will!

Ready for the show!

This is the way she sat for the whole show!  Total amazement!


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