Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Spring Break outing with Meme and B

Since Uncle B is on Spring Break, Mia and I got to go hang out with him and Meme while Poppy and Daddy worked.

We started the day like this…


Mia is really assuming this position a LOT here lately.  Poor thing.  She will learn one day, right?

Then we headed to Cracker Barrel to get some lunch/breakfast. Mia ate like such a big girl, so we walked around the store and let her check out the toys!


She was really into this little kitchen! How cute is that little pink kitchen anyway?!


Then she rocked a baby in the little pink rocker!  She is such a little mommy!

We had planned to go to this local candy factory for a tour of the building, so that’s where we headed.  We had a little time before the tour, so we went across the street to the local novelty/party store.


Uncle Ben in his lab coat!  HAHA!


Mia found the Beiber cutouts!  She kept wanting to kiss him! Good golly, we are in trouble! HA!

Girlfriend also has this new fascination with bugs and spiders.  She likes to try to scare you by putting fake bugs on you, all the while she IS NOT scared of them.  She gets a kick out of you acting scared of them!


Putting a big spider on momma.  Silly kid!


At the candy factory.  Watching how they make their famous cinnamon red hots.  They were delicious!


Mia got to get a piece of candy from the OLD TIME candy machine.  For a nickel, she got a small tootsie roll!  She loved that machine.

It was a fun filled day!

What did you do today?

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