Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We’re going home!

Day 2 postpartum.  So thankful for the night of sleep.  I felt so rejuvenated.  We got up and showered, ate breakfast and just took it slow.  I was one of those patients who was NOT in a hurry to get home at the butt crack of dawn! HA!  Sweet Dr. Kim came to check out Miss Finley and he just sat in the room with us, holding Finley and telling us how perfect she was!  He was talking to Finley and totally admiring her, telling her all about her big sister.  He is seriously the BEST pediatrician there is.  In the history of EVER.




We got to talk to lactation and eat lunch and take a nap!  It was a very relaxing day!




On our way home…



And just for my records: She weighed 6-10.8 on day of discharge.

We are HOME!!  Daddy and his girls…


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