Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finley Claire is NINE months old!

You guys, why? Why does her life have to go by so fast?? 

This girl is a ham!


This month, I have seen the greatest changes.  Not exactly physically, but her little personality is really coming out.  She will let Mia know when she is not sharing and does not approve of Mia doing something.  She literally screams at her.  Not cry, but screams.  It’s hysterical, actually.  At least for now!  HAHA

Although some sass is coming out, girlfriend is still the happiest baby I know.  She smiles at everyone and now WAVES!  At everyone.  It is so sweet!  She flails that little arm just as fast and enthusiastically as she can!!


Also this month!  She could roll to her tummy before, but never did because she didn’t like it.  However, this month, she is a rolling machine.  I will lay her in one spot, look up a minute later and she is all the way across the living room!  This is a combination of rolling and half crawling!


She doesn’t pull up yet and her crawl isn’t exactly a crawl.  She gets her knees under her, rocks, takes a lunge and then goes back to flat on her belly, followed by a flying super man type pose.  Repeat.  HAHA.  I just know the full blown crawl is days away, and then my life will see a whole new set of challenges :)


Eat:  Finley eats just about everything we do.  She is actually starting to turn her nose up at baby food now that she has had the goods!  She likes everything we put in her mouth.  Seriously.  She has not spit anything out.  But her LOVES are goldfish crackers, nutri grain bars and plain townhouse crackers.  She loves to feed herself!  We are still working on a cup.  She still also nurses frequently through the night and just a little bit less during the day.  I honestly think she is doing it now more so for the bonding, not for hunger.  But, again, I love to bond with her, so it’s fine.
Sleep:  She goes to bed between 8-9 and wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat.  Wakes up for the morning around 730.  Takes about 3 naps per day, about 1-2 hours each.  However, this past month, whenever I put her back in her rock and play sleeper, she would arch and scream and was waking every HOUR!  We decided that she probably didn’t like it anymore, now that she can roll.  She probably wants to stretch out and lay on her belly.  Every time we put her in her bed, while she is awake, she never cries and puts herself to sleep.  So we decided that this past weekend actually, we would try her sleeping in her bed for the night.  Her first stretch of sleep was 5 hours, then 4 hours. She has given me ONE 8 hour stretch and a few 7 hour stretches!!  Lets hope mama can start getting some sleep now!

We go to the doctor next week, so I will have stats soon!

Finley Claire, you are still an absolute joy and I love being your mama!  You have proved to me that my heart can expand with love way beyond what I thought was capable.  You are such a delight!  Everyone wants to hold you and talk to you because you are such a ray of sunshine!  My sunshine.  You definitely shine and make people happy, even when the skies are gray!  I love you so much baby girl!

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