Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mia’s endocrine appointment and STATS

Today was Mia’s endocrinology check up.  Just mama and the big girl for this one.  I hate these appointments because, although they are only every 6 months, I hate seeing her have her blood drawn.  And, she is now old enough to know where we are and what happens at these appointments.

Blood pressure check!


Mia checked out perfectly!!  She is growing perfectly and staying on her growth curve (unlike little sister, ahem.)
Because everyone loves some statistics:
Weight: 36.8 lbs.- 43%
Height: 40 inches- 34%
Yes, the endocrinologist gets very SPECIFIC!!

They said according to her growth and mine and Dave's height, with their little calculations, she will be 5’5 when she is grown!  That is awesome because that is 2 inches taller than me!!  They told me the 95% of the time that is what she will be, but there is a 5% chance that she could be either 2 inches taller than 5’5 or 2 inches shorter.  So at the very least, she will be the same as me! 

Waiting for her blood draw.  She got really sweet and cuddly.  If you know my kid, this is totally abnormal behavior!!

Holding my hand and all!  You better believe I soaked up every last ounce of that sweetness!

I can’t even take a picture during the blood draw, because as soon as she sees the phlebotomist that always sticks her, she goes into full panic mode.  And she gets CRAZY strong.  It was next to impossible to even get her arm out of her sleeve!  After three grown adults held her still, we got to blood!  Every single time we do this, she has petechiae on her face and arm and is always bruised.  My poor baby.

She said “They took my arm, and stuck it and got bleed out!”

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