Saturday, October 26, 2013

Last soccer game and a birthday party

Mia had her last soccer game today and it was FREEZING. I mean, freezing.
She did better in this game than any of the others.  She actually kicked the ball, THREE times, one of which was toward the goal (the mean goalie stopped it! HA!) and ran like crazy during the whole first quarter (or whatever segments they are in soccer!!). After that, she was back to running on and off the field, being off in lala land and just playing with some of the other non pay attentioners.  HAHA
Oh well, she’s FOUR!  She gets more excited about the snack at the end than anything!!

And she got a medal today!!

Most of her team!

After the game, we got news that my parents boxer had started giving birth to her first litter of pups!!  I obviously had to head over and watch that!  The miracle of birth, human or animal, amazes me.  God is so amazing.  I honestly don’t know how anyone, after seeing a birth, could deny that there is a God.  And He is awesome!

This was the second one.  He was the runt.  I think Layla knew there was something wrong with him, because she never really took care of him.  She kept ignoring this one and I hated that.  We tried everything we could, including my sweet dad staying home with it, cuddling it, warming towels for it and even bottle feeding it puppy formula!  This poor thing was too weak to nurse and didn’t really even root.  I tried some skin-to-fur and bottle feeding it as well.  It did take some formula, so we thought it may have a chance.  However, every time we put him with his mama, she moved him away from her and ignored him.  Simply heartbreaking.  {{Little fighter passed away the next morning}}

After all that craziness, we went to Charlie’s 9th birthday party! I have no idea how he is NINE.  Seriously crazy. 
He wanted a Halloween/costume party!
My little mouse…

Max, AKA the cutest little sock monkey!


I didn’t get any pics of the older boys (who were the spandex guys), or kids in general, because they were crazy busy and playing!  Plus, mama was talking and stuffing her face with delicious food!
The only picture I managed to get of princess Ariel!  Eating cake like it’s her job. HA!

Such a crazy, busy, fun filled day!!!

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Paige said...

Those puppies are so precious! The kids costumes are adorable too!!