Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soccer game and pumpkin patch

This morning started out lazy.  We hung out in our PJ’s until late morning and then got ready for the day.  Mia had her 3 soccer game this afternoon.  Is it bad that my favorite part is dressing her the part??

I mean, seriously.

When we get to the game, all of the teams go with their coach and do some pre-game type stuff.  While the other coaches were practicing kicking the ball, our coach gathered his team, all sat in a circle, opened his bible and started teaching them the story of Levi, the tax collector.  And I? LOVE THAT!  I am so grateful to have such great influences in her life.  Even in her soccer coach.

It really does take a village…

Prayer before the game…

Now the game begins…

Mia starts out like gang busters, running full speed, chasing the ball, never kicking it,  and loving it.  She then fizzles out, quickly!  HA!  She comes over to the sidelines, red faced and all, panting and asking for a drink, throughout the entire second half of the game :)

After the game, we headed to a local pumpkin patch!
Waiting for our turn on the hay ride…

New shoes on the hayride :)

Baby girl got her pumpkin!


OH my girls, how I love them so!

Daddy and his girls.  My people. Be still my heart.

Mommy and her sweet babies…


My peeps on the hayride…

Mia picking her heavy pumpkin! HAHA!

Poppy and his girl; Ben and Dave.  Sorry B, had to post this!  My brutus husband being silly :)

After the pumpkin patch, we went to see Nana (who is recovering from back surgery), Papaw, Aunt Terri and baby Jackson!
It’s the little things.  Such blessings.  I’m thankful for every one!

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