Saturday, October 5, 2013

Work, soccer, Aspen, family

While I worked this morning, Mia had her 2nd soccer game.  Daddy got up (after 2 hours of sleep) and got both girls ready and to the game!

Um, hello teenage Mia!!

I’m pretty impressed by my husbands fathering skills!  He pretty much rocks and IS AWESOME!



After the game, he brought the girls up to see me at work, and for Finley to eat!  Love seeing them in the middle of my work day!  Helps me get through it!


Daddy then took them up to the hospital to visit Nana after her back surgery.  After all of that running, I then met them at home when I got off work!  Did I say how awesome my husband is??

We decided to go out to eat for dinner at one of our local faves and then stop by and visit our favorite cousins and Meme, Poppy and B were there too!  Fun filled day/night!


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