Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It’s a Mia thing, you wouldn’t understand | The House of Huff

Today started out great.  Dave, Mia and I had breakfast at Subway and then went to the mall.  Mia needed some white sandals for spring/summer and we let her run around and play in the Disney store.  We didn’t buy one thing and she left without throwing a fit!  She just loves to run around showing us everything.  Her little face lights up and she is in her happy place.

I told Dave that it would be really neat if we could rent out the Disney store for her birthday.  You know, close the door and just let her run around and play to her hearts content!  That would be the best!




Later in the day, when we finally arrived home, I noticed Mia had taken out her hearing aides and then took the batteries out of them.  She does this pretty frequently, so I thought nothing about it. I couldn't find the battery but I just figured it was in the seat of floorboard somewhere. 

Mia came in and took a nap and Dave and I worked on some bills.

Once Mia was awake we loaded up to go run some errands. I put her in her car seat and then put her hearing aides back in.  When I put the left one in she HAD THE MOST BLOOD CURDLING SHRILL ever.  I immediately took them out, but she wouldn’t stop crying. She cried on and off for about 40 minutes straight.

My first thought was ear infection. But, she hadn’t ran a fever and was acting completely fine just a couple of hours previously.

Do you know where this is going??….

I called the pediatrician and, of course, they were done seeing patients for the day and they said that she definitely needed to be seen.  I agreed, so we went to the Pediatric Acute care center. 

We arrived at 5 pm and guess what?  They didn’t open until 7 pm.  SEVEN PM!

We then ran over to Walgreens and I bought her some Advil and a sucker.  Suckers always make everything better, right?

By this time, she was calmed down for the most part, so I decided to run my errands to kill some time.  Toward the end of my errands, Mia was pretty much acting back to normal, but every now and then would tell me “Mommy, ear hurts!” while holding her left ear.  I contemplated even taking her in to be seen and thought maybe it was just a fluke thing.  But I did what any mom would do…

I called MY mom!  She suggested taking her on in, just to err on the side of caution.



Once we got back to the room, the doctor looked in her ear and then made a strange face.  He said “There is something IN there.  Something metal.” 

I instantly knew what it was.

Now my child has had lots of ear issues all of her life, so obviously, she hates her ears being looked at.  In order to get this thing out of her ear, they had to put her in this Velcro-appose-straight jacket type thing.  They strapped my poor little baby in there and she was hysterical.  She was looking at me with tears streaming down her face saying “momma! momma!” 

I had to look away because I was crying myself and I didn’t want to scare her anymore than she already was.

A few minutes later, the culprit was out of her ear and she was in my arms.


The doctor told me that it was lodged in there pretty deep and that it must have been awfully painful.  He put her on some prophylactic antibiotics and we headed home.


This child is going to be the death of me.  This parenting thing has not once, not even since utero, been easy with this girl.  I am so blessed to have her, but geez, I’m gonna be gray before my time!


Jenifer said...

Oh momma! HANG in there!! She will learn not to do that again. I'm deaf myself. I worn hearing aids from age 18 months until I was in my 30's then I switched to cochlear implants.

SassyCassie said...

Ack! I never lock the battery compartment on Sam's hearing aids because it's a pain the butt, that's how you turn them off and on, and he never messes with them. But I need to start locking it. Those button batteries can be dangerous.