Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So here is a rundown of the past week…

I’m just gonna sum it all up, in bullet point format, because…just because.
*Last Tuesday:
We stayed home all day because Mia still wasn’t feeling well and was still running a low grade temp.
*Last Wednesday:
Same thing.  Still a sickly little girl, but we went outside to play a little with the water table.
Amazing what a water table can do for your health :)
*Last Thursday:
I started to feel some “allergies” come on.  Mia still running a low grade temp.  We had an “adoption” celebration for some friends in our Sunday ABF class Thursday night.  We left Mia with her Nana and Papaw so we could go celebrate!  Josh and Tara adopted a precious little girl, and the 60 day wait period (where the mom or dad could change their mind and want the baby back) was OVER and we could all breathe a sigh of relief that Miss McKemie would be a permanent part of their family.  And oh she is already loved so so much!  We are so happy for Josh and Tara!  They deserve this baby SO much and they are just beaming with love and excitement!  God is good all the time!
Such a sweet little girl :)
*Last Friday:
We took Mia to the doctor Friday morning, just to be told she had a virus that was going around.  I could have told you that, but with my baby, I would always rather be safe than sorry.  My “allergies” were awful.  However, I already had plans, so I had to suck it up!!  Some of us girls from our ABF class went on a Christian women’s retreat Friday and Saturday.  It was awesome fellowship and guess what the message/theme was??  Anxiety and worry.  God knows exactly how to talk directly to me.  I was convicted in each seminar.  I felt like I was the only person in the whole entire audience and that God was looking directly at me!  It was a great way to spend time with awesome girls and renew my heart and mind and grow closer to the Lord.
Aubrey and I when we arrived at the conference. Excuse my sickly eyes ;)
*Last Saturday:
Still feeling totally yucky.  At this point I’m realizing that it’s not just allergies, because this thing hadn’t let up.  AT ALL.  I dropped Aubrey off at home and headed home myself to see the hubster and my mini-me!  Oh, how I missed them so so much!  I wasn’t even gone for a full 24 hours, but still was so happy to get back home to my peeps!
Once I got home I just had to lay down because my head was throbbing, my nose was stopped up and my ears were clogged.  The good news is that Mia was feeling better!  I got a little rest and then Aubrey and Kevin came over to watch the Cards play!  Although I felt bad, we still had a great time, AND?  The Cards WON!  FINAL FOUR BABY!!!!
*Last Sunday:
Woke up to get ready for church only to find that we had NO water.  I told Dave and the first thing he said was “Did we pay the bill?”  HAHA!  Yes, yes we did.  Come to find out there was a water main break and we ended up not getting water until 2pm!  Needless to say, without showers and being able to brush our teeth, we didn’t go to church.  I’m sure all of our friends would be thankful :)  HA!
Mia had her hearing appointment.  After the hearing test, the results showed that her hearing is the same.  Just a mild hearing loss.  However, that was good news to me, because she currently has fluid on her ears (at least that is what the doctor told us on Friday).  So if her hearing is the same as previously, with fluid on her ears, is her hearing a bit better??  Who knows, but she acts like she hears perfectly.  At least when she WANTS too!  HAHA
I couldn’t take it anymore.  I felt so horrible.  I couldn’t hear out of my right ear, both ears felt clogged and my head literally felt like it would pop off my shoulders.  My face was throbbing.  I had Dave just take me up to the Little Clinic inside Kroger.  And would you know it?  I have a sinus infection, fluid on both ears and an ear infection in my right ear!  Um, no wonder I feel so bad!!
I took some medicine and then we took Mia up to the local park…
Mia and I had hair trim appointments.  I ended up leaving, minus 6 inches of my hair.  Still not sure how I feel about that…
My heart <3

We finished out our night with a visit from Meme and Uncle B (Poppy has been working really hard and late) and some ice cream!
What did you over this past week?

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