Monday, March 5, 2012

Much needed Date Night | The House of Huff

Last Friday the hubs and I went out for a much needed date day/night.  We absorbed every single minute.  It started at 5 am.  Yes, FIVE. In the morning.

We headed out to Columbus Ohio for the "Arnold Classic," which is a body building show that Dave has went to every year for the past seven PLUS years.  He absolutely loves it because he gets to meet top fitness gurus and some UFC fighters.  Back when he first started going he actually go to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Before I had Mia, I actually enjoyed going as well because I was like a size ZERO with no fat.  Not so much anymore :)

That's totally OK, I will take my post baby body any day, over having a nice body with NO baby! HA!

I figured I would "take one for the team" and go with him this year.  PLUS?  The outlet Mall isn't far from there ;)

We hit the road at 6:30, stopped and had breakfast and got to the Columbus Convention Center are 9:40am.  We walked around, met some cool people, got free shirts, supplements, etc. and had lunch before we left.

On our road trip!

Dave (halfway through a blink!) and Randy Couture

Momma and Cookie Monster (for my girl!)

Dave and Rich Froning (Crossfit Champ)

We hit up the outlet mall after we left and I found some great deals!  Of course, all for Mia.  Gap kids and Old Navy had some really good prices.  The skinny Gap Capri's?  I die.  Cutest things ever! 

After all the days festivities, we worked up and appetite and Dave wanted to eat somewhere that we had never been.  We came across this local steakhouse called "Lone Star."  It was a mix between Texas Roadhouse and Outback.  We got so much food for such a good price.  

Thanks hubby for the wonderful day/night :)

On our way home, we were making such good timing that we decided we would stop and watch a movie to complete our date night.  However, a few minutes later, this....

Complete bumper to bumper traffic.  STOPPED.  For miles ahead of us.  We sat in the line for about an hour before I had to go the restroom.  I mean I had like almost 3 glasses of water at the restaurant!  
Dave pulled over to the emergency lane and drove down to the first exit.  There we were told by locals that a semi had over turned and was blocking both lanes and had already been there for 2.5 hours.  He gave us some directions for the back roads and we made it home by only an hour later than we had planned.  Nonetheless, we didn't see a movie, but still had a very successful date night!

Thank you so much to Meme and Noona for making date night possible!!


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