Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dawn at the Downs and Water fun!

This morning Meme came to pick Mia and I up to go to “Dawn at the Downs.”  It’s Derby week, and around here in Kentucky, that’s a big deal.  Dawn at the Downs is a free event that you can go to and watch the horses train/exercise. 
I’m not gonna lie, I was NOT excited about going because I have HORRIBLE allergies to horses.  However, I am so glad I went because we had a great girls morning!  I love those two girls SO much!  And, I only sneezed and sniffled a few times before we left ;)
Watching the horses run!  Such beautiful animals!  Meme and Mia LOVE horses.
They even let them pet one!!  I stayed FAR away from that! HA!
My FAVE girls!!
After that we went to eat at a small local place for breakfast where we saw the famous jockey, Pat Day, and some horse owners/trainers.  They even gave Mia a real horse shoe!!  We had a great time, thanks Meme!

Meme dropped us back off at home and Mia and I immediately headed out to a local splash park with Tiffani and Jase.  It’s been HOT around here, and today reached 90!
How adorable is her swimsuit??  Thanks ETSY!
Mia and Jase!
It was so much fun because the park was pretty small, so I didn’t have to follow her everywhere.  We were also the only ones there for the first 20 minutes or so!
My water bug!  The water was FRIGID COLD but Mia didn’t care one bit! 

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