Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blood draws and game nights

Before I start, just want to warn you, this post will be a total photo overload!


Thursday morning Mia and I went to bible study at Tiffani’s house.  Mia got to play with Jase while mommy got to spend some time with the girls watching Beth Moore!




After bible study, we took Mia to get her blood work done.  The older she gets, the worse she is getting about it.  I think it’s because she has better memory now and knows it’s going to hurt.  And?  She is SO strong, I can’t hold her still.



This was before the “poke.”  Happy as can be.



This was right before.  Already stressing out.



Right after.  Notice daddy ending up having to hold her??  I literally could not hold her still!


Any time that happens, Mia deserves some yummy lunch!



I worked Thursday night, we just hung around the house Friday and Friday night we went to eat with Meme and B and then had game night at Meme and Poppy’s house!



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