Thursday, May 10, 2012

So so sorry

I've been slacking, in a nutshell.  Slacking in blogging, that is.  In life? I've been rocking it.  Crazy busy.

We have had play dates, Dave went camping with our ABF guys and I had girls night with our ABF girls.  We've had lots of family time.  I have been a painting machine.  We had new carpet laid throughout the house, I've been on the phone with managers of Lowe's, car salesman's, etc.  We have been researching things to do and places to stay while planning our vacation for the west coast, all while working and raising a child.  Whew.

I feel drained.  To say the least.

Therefore, the ole blog has taken a back burner.  Not that I don't have anything of remembrance, but by time I sit down, I don't have the energy to blog about it.

So here's a rundown.  Basically me just emptying by brain so I have more room in there!

Mia has spent quite a bit of time with Nadia and Brinlee lately, and she is loving it.  I love to see her interact with other little girls and watch them have a conversation and see their little personalities come out.

Dave had a great time on his camping trip with the guys.  This is something they do frequently, but Dave doesn't get to attend because it is usually on Friday nights while Dave is at work.  This time they moved the day to Saturday so that he could go.  He had so much fun and went all Bear Grylls on them.  HA!  So glad he has great christian guy friends to hang out with.

While Dave went camping, Mia went to stay with Aunt Terri, so mommy got to go and have some girl time! We ate and played games and talked. It was so much fun and I am so thankful for those girls!

Our house still has all the original paint and carpet (builders grade), and although our house is only 2.5 years old, I was ready for a change.  Our old carpet was a hideous, light colored Berber.  When we first moved in we had two big dogs and now a toddler.  The carpet was stained and filthy.  So while we were waiting for our new carpet, I started painting.  I enlisted the help of my oldest best friend, Amanda, to help me paint.  Mia went to my moms house while Dave worked so that Amanda and I could paint. We had a great girl time, ordered pizza and just talked.  It was fun, despite the work :)

I will NEVER, NEVER, shop at Lowe's. I am officially a Home Depot girl.  The process of the getting the carpet was nothing short of a nightmare.  Needless to say, I'm glad it's laid and over with.  Plus I got some money back for all the troubles.

We have also been contemplating a different vehicle.  Not newer, because mine is a 2010, but the payment is not exactly optimal.  We were looking at a little older (2006) 4runners, but so far, nothing has worked out.

My dad grew up in Arizona and California and has always wanted to take us there for vacation and show us around.  We are stupidly excited.  Considering Dave and I have never been farther west than St. Louis, we have a very detailed itinerary of everything we want to do/see.  On the list:  Grand Canyon, a night in Vegas (just to see, we don't gamble!), San Diego zoo, Los Angeles, Rodeo Dr., the Hollywood sign, Malibu (or any) beach,  Disneyland, etc.  It's going to be a very BUSY, go go go, trip, but we are super pumped! Mia keeps asking to go to the beach!

This weekend is Mothers Day, mom's Initials Inc party, mine and Dave's anniversary (not wedding, but the day he asked me to be his girlfriend! 13 years baby!), and the start of our Marriage Spring Training groups at church.  Oh my!

Sorry for this incredibly long and boring post, but now my brain can relax a little :)


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SassyCassie said...

We got carpet from Lowe's and it was a NIGHTMARE! We moved all of our furniture and stuff the night before they were supposed to come and the next morning we waited and waited for them to show up. Finally I called and they said that they were double booked and asked if they could reschedule. I lost it! They wound up getting someone out to do it but uuuugggh.

It was when we were trying to get pregnant and I remember saying, "I am TRYING to make a baby stick and I just lugged all of this heavy furniture around. I WILL get my carpet today!" Lol! And it turned out that I really was pregnant with Sam. :)