Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweet, and not-so sweet sayings

This age?  THREE?  Is probably my favorite so far.  That is not to say that it is not the most difficult, because it is, but the personality?  Oozes from her pores.  I am really starting to see her very distinct personality.  Oh and the things that come out of her mouth!  Sometimes they make me happy and sometimes A LOT of times, they embarrass me!  Because she is talking SO SO much, I can actually have a conversation with her, and I LOVE it!
Here are some of the sweet things that she has said recently:
*Upon picking her up, she runs up to me and daddy and hugs us so tight and says, “I MISSED YOU MOMMA!”  She then looks at daddy and says “I missed your face daddy!”  HAHA
*Last night before bed she was rubbing my face and said in the sweetest voice, “I love you momma!” followed by a kiss on the head.  (When you find the puddle that was my heart, let me know.)
*In a silly voice she says “Momma’s SO CUTE!”
*She still refers to herself in third person.   She said “Mia hurt Mia’s leg!”  HA!

Some not so sweet things:
*She listens. A lot. To things that I don’t think are sinking in.  The other day I was trying to discipline her, she kept saying “zip, zip, zip” with the little hand gesture trying to interrupt me.  When I spanked her and put her in timeout she said “Momma I told you to ZIP IT!”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or lose it.  I chose to turn around, laugh and smile to myself, and then turn to her and correct her. Oh geez, I am in for it.
*While in the middle of eating, at a restaurant, she kept lifting her shirt up and saying “BOOBIES!”  She thought it was absolutely thought it was hilarious.  I however, had to take her for a “bathroom break” if you know what I mean.
*If Dave and I touch each other, even in the slightest-holding-hands-way, she immediately tells one of us “Daddy, don’t touch momma.  You get spanking and go timeout.  Tell momma you sowwy!”  All while pointing her little finger at us.  Bossy much?

If anyone has any advice for raising a 3 year old, do tell!

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Crazy Twin Momma said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kids are obsessed with the word boobies! Mine do this all the time, and since there are 2 of them they egg each other on.