Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby brother turns 17

How the crap is my baby brother 17??  I feel like I should still be 17!
Time?  You are just rude.

Anyway, my handsome, smart, loving, kind, oh-so-loyal baby brother had his birthday today.  We all went out to eat at a local fave, spent some time shopping at the mall (one of his favorite past times!  Mine too.) and then came back to the house for game night! 

Me and my crazy girls at the mall.  Ben went the other direction with his friends ;)
I used to be cool enough for him to hang out with.  I don’t know if it’s the age, the husband or the two cling-ons that are always with me, but I’m not exactly a “teenager magnet.”  HAHA
Juuuust teasing, Ben loves to hang out with his big sis and isn’t ashamed at all. He is a super great kid and we have a terrific, almost abnormal, relationship between a brother/sister with such a huge age difference. He is so good with the girls, helps me out tremendously, is such a great listener and always, always has my back.  I’m so thankful I have a brother like him!!

I love you so much Ben and hope you had a great birthday!!!

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