Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finley is 12 months old!!

Well, as of like 5 days ago, but still.  I wanted to get all of her stats before this blog!!

We had her well baby visit today and little squishy mama is PERFECT!!  Duh.


Weight: 17lbs-14oz  10%
Height: 27.25 inches  10%
Head: 75%

We all knew my lady was petite, but she is perfectly healthy, active and thriving!  Dr. Kim says she will probably always be on the tiny side, and that is totally ok!! 


She did so great at her appointment!  She didn’t cry when they pricked her finger, just when they wouldn’t give it back because they were collecting blood!  HA!  She was socializing with Dr. Kim, let him listen to her and look at her.  The worst part was, of course, the shots.  I hate it because not only does it hurt, but worse, they have no idea what is coming and they are shocked by the surprise.  Breaks my heart.

“Mom, look, I know you love to talk with Dr.Kim and all, and he is super sweet, but enough is enough, lets bust out of this joint before they poke me with something else!”

Sleep:  Finley girl sleeps ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Praise Jesus.  She goes to bed around 730-800 and wakes up around 730-800, with no wake up calls in between!!  She takes her morning cat nap, and then an early evening nap (about 1-2 hours).
Eat:  What doesn’t she eat?  This girl eats everything we do and so far, hasn’t turned down much!!  I’m so impressed by her eating habits, that I am sure my IG and FB friends are sick of seeing my child eating (in pictures) all of the time! HA!  We quit nursing altogether about 1 week after her 11 month birthday.  We were down to just at night and sometimes sporadically anyway.  She weaned herself and didn’t want anything to do with it anymore.  Not going to lie, I was heartbroken.  I still am, actually.  But this coming-into-her-own-independent little lady of mine was done.  So we did full time formula for a couple weeks and then started the organic whole milk.  She transitioned beautifully.  We are also now weaning the bottle, and like her sister, she is having no issues at all.  I give her a bottle in the morning and at night and she gets mostly all Sippy cups during the day.  I quit giving them to Mia, cold turkey, at 13 months, and that is likely what I will do with her, especially since she couldn’t care less if her milk is in a bottle or cup!!
Says: Mama, dada, dah (dog), bye (but mostly just waves!).  Lots of other sounds and noises that can’t be deciphered!  HAHA
Does:  Girlfriend cruises around the furniture like a champ!  But she WILL NOT let go!!  Mom said she saw her take two steps a couple of weeks ago, but I’m sure she was lying because I have yet to see it ;)  She can stand on her own, but as soon as she realizes she’s not holding on to anything, she flops down on her butt. Her crawl is blazing fast and she can get herself around anywhere in this house.  Especially to get to her sisters room :)  We are still kind of working on drinking from a straw.  Honestly, I haven’t tried very much.  Poor Mia, I was a slave driver with her!  I guess that’s the thing with being the first born. HA!  She can sign “more” and “all done.”  Ms. Squishy loves to dance when Mickey, Sofia or Doc McStuffins comes on!
Here are some 12 month pictures…





And you can see how cooperative she was for this shoot…


And these weren’t happening either.  Oh, this girl…

A look back over this past year…


Seriously, whhyyyyyy does time go so fast??

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner…

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