Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today I surprised my lovely husband and best friend with a surprise 30th birthday party bash!!  It’s been on my mind the past few months and officially “in the works” for the past month.  It came with lots of hiding on Facebook and lots of questioning from the hubs, especially when I got so mad that he was on my FB (He doesn’t have a FB).  Although it wasn’t extravagant, it still went off without a hitch and made him feel super special, which was the point!!

Thirty is big.  It means we have officially spent HALF of our lives together.  He is entering a whole new decade of life.  Last year on his birthday, we spent cooped up inside, with a 10 day old newborn.  So this year?  I wanted to make it BIG, for him!

Previously he has said that he wanted to go to dinner at one of our favorite steak restaurants, Long Horn and then go to a movie.  So I arranged for my mom to keep the girls and I kept the original place to eat.  I invited some of closest family and friends and then planned for us to go “glow bowling” after dinner.

I couldn’t fit everyone in the picture, but this is the best I could do!  We were taking up the whole middle table and the booths on both sides!!

The cake my mom had made!

Daddy and two of his girls!  I was wayy to stressed to remember to get a picture of everyone!!  HA

Some of the girls, at the bowling alley…


Me and my man!

We had such a blast and are so thankful for all of our friends and family that helped make his day so special.  We love all of you SOOO much.  You all are the BEST!

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