Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unexpected day off!

Today daddy got an unexpected day off of work!!!!  Apparently, the weather had a role in it, imagine that.  Regardless of why, the girls and I were SUPER excited to have daddy at home at night, during the week!!  So we decided to go to the mall and walk around and then have dinner before church!  I usually fly solo on Wednesday nights, taking the girls to dinner, getting them dropped off in their classes and me getting to the high school girls class.  It’s hard, but I do it.  However, it is SO much better when daddy can be with us and help out :)


Big girl got to get a special treat!  When daddy is off, the girls get to do things we don’t normally do!

The little lady got some Stride Rite shoes!!  Time to get walking, sister…


Doing a little grocery shopping…

The girl in the orange works at the store in the middle of the mall that sells video games.  The last time we were at the mall (like a week ago ;)), she was doing a dance to one of those dance along type games, and Mia walked right over to her and danced with her. So when we went today, Mia saw the same girl and said “Look Mom!!!  She’s HERE!!” and ran over to dance with her again!!  It was soo sweet :)

Our last stop was the Disney Channel, or Store.  It is her FAVORITE store.  She runs in and screams and everything is LOOOOK MOM!  Oh my gosh, look at this!  MOOOMMM!!  AHHH, it’s Cinderella.  SOFIA!!  Look Mom!!! I we love it just as much, if not more, than she does.  Her pure joy and extreme happiness is worth it all.  And the best thing?  We go in there almost every time we are at the mall, and we almost NEVER buy anything.  She gets to play for a little bit and then tells all of the characters “Bye, see ya next time!!”  If anyone wants to buy anything, every time we are in there, it would be ME!!!

That face is priceless!

We then had dinner at McAlister's with Jamie (one of the sweetest Junior girls!  LOVE HER!) and Ben and his friend Carly.  After dinner we headed to church!!

Such a fun night!

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