Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My country girl

Over the past 3 months or so, Mia has really taken a liking to music, especially country music.  She loves to sing and dance to it and often requests certain songs or artists.  She loves loves loves to watch country music videos on YouTube with daddy, or just listen to it on Pandora.  She could be in a crazy hyper mood, and you put on some country music and she is in a trance!  HA!
Some of her favorites right now (that she requests, often) are:  Hunter Hayes, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Lee Brice and Luke Bryan.  Some of her favorite songs right now include: Randy Houser “How country feels,” Miranda Lambert “Fastest girl in town,” Hunter Hayes “Wanted,” and Jason Aldean “The only way I know.”  It’s absolutely hilarious to watch her sing and dance to these songs, and she get A LOT of the words right!  HAHA!  That girl cracks me up!

Silly girl this morning before school!

This is her doing her part of the Grinch when Cindy Lou touches his face and he asks if it was “Greasy? Stinky? Do I have a zit?”  Such a hoot!


Gah, I love this kid :)

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