Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Christmas celebration

Christmas Eve we took Poppy out shopping for Meme and then went to Aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie’s to open some presents!  Way too many presents, actually!  We have one spoiled little girl :)



Girlfriend, and mommy and daddy, RACKED UP! 

Mia with Nana and Papaw

And with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Terri!

Once Meme got off work, we went over there to open more presents!


We are SO grateful and thankful to have so many people who LOVE us and our little girls!  God is good!

When we came home, after the LONG day that we had, although it was late, Mia was still ready to make Jesus’ birthday cake for the morning! And I would NOT tell her no to that!


Finished product!
She picked out the cake and icing, and apparently girlfriend thought Jesus would really like Funfetti cake with pink icing and sprinkles!  I would have to agree ;)

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