Friday, December 7, 2012

A letter to my smallest girl

Dear Finley,
Although I haven’t met you yet, or been able to hold you in my arms, I am already blissfully in love with you. 


I cherish feeling you move around inside of my belly and love that I am the only one bonding with you right now.  I feel like I can keep you safe and protected and I love it!!


Although I love feeling you inside of my belly, I can’t wait for the day you arrive and I can cuddle you and feel your soft little baby skin on mine.  I long to have you wrap your fingers around mine and to hear your sweet little cry.  I can’t wait to kiss your sweet cheeks and smell your perfect little baby breath. 


I look forward to seeing you bond with your big sister.  She loves you so much already and I just know you will look up to her and be head over heels for her. I am so excited to see what your personality will be like, what your interests will be, and who you will look like.


I can not believe that God has blessed me, yet again, with a perfect little princess.  I am so thankful to have another baby girl in my life.  I love you more than life princess!

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