Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just hanging out

We had a lazy day on Wednesday, just hanging out with Meme and Ben while Daddy and Poppy worked.  We love being with our peeps!


We started out by getting uncle B a haircut…



While we waited, we got to see how tall we were!



Then we headed to the mall, with NO intent to spend money, just time being together!

Of course our first stop was to Teavana, Mia’s fave place to sample their tea!  This mix is caffeine free and has lots of healthy properties, so momma can’t say no!  Plus it tastes SO good!



Next up: 

Throwing coins in the fountain!


Little girl loves to throw coins in the fountain!  She actually asks to go shopping at the “festival” (see also: the mall ) to throw coins!  HA!

We finished up with a little cookie treat from Panera!

Waiting on her special treat…



I mean the excitement kills me!


Seriously?  That face?  How stinking precious?!

It’s not about spending money, but just being together that is so much fun!  I cherish these little moments!

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