Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week 11 with H2



I didn’t write the “symptoms” this time, because they are all the same.  And I am patiently waiting for them to subside.  I actually had a crying spell the other night just because I was so tired of feeling sick and having NO energy/motivation.  I hate feeling like a bad mommy to Mia and a less-than-terrible wife to Dave because I can barely peel myself off of the couch these days.

However!  I have NEVER ONCE felt any less than extremely blessed.  I have prayed for this baby for 18 months and I am more than thankful that God granted my wish.  We are SO happy :)


Yesterday we had another ultrasound to peek in at H2, and at 11 weeks, with a strong heartbeat of 168, he/she is already in there moving and shaking!  He/she kept putting his hand up to his mouth and kicking away.  It amazes me that something so small is already so developed and moving!  I love this little guy/gal so much already!

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