Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Swimming, BLT’s and Pipe cleaners

Yesterday we went swimming and Dave’s Aunt Terri’s house!  Mia is an absolute fish now that we have come back from vacation, plus it helps her sleep really, really well!!  Now that she wants to be left alone to swim around in her floaties, mommy got to just relax on the float!  Such a nice time!
After a couple of hours out in the heat with constant swimming really builds up an appetite.  We headed over to Meme and Poppy’s house and had AMAZING BLT’s.  Home grown tomatoes, bacon on the grill and crisp lettuce=best summer sandwich EVER!!


We finished up our night with some family Yahtzee and a card game!  Love our family :)
Today we just hung around the house, played with Pipe cleaners, made bracelets, etc.  You know me, I love lazy days :)


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