Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 2

One day we just stayed at the condo by the pool.  It was such a great set up because, number one, we had the pool ALL TO OURSELVES, and second, there was tables and a grill around the pool.  So we stayed out there for hours, swimming, grilling and eating.  It was such a great day and the weather was perfect!  And girlfriend took some awesome naps!!
Mia grew so SO much in the swimming department on this trip. Before the vacation, she LOVED the water, but did NOT want me to let her go, even with floaties on.  This trip?  She didn’t want anyone to touch her, and she was jumping in the deep end and going completely under (with floaties, of course!)!!  She would just pop out from the water and crack up laughing!!  This whole vacation, I don’t think she EVER quit smiling.  And that?  Makes a momma so so happy!


The next day we decided to head to the Atlantic side to Cocoa Beach, and it was SO much better!  Less crowded, bigger waves, free public parking!

Just a girl and her daddy, walking the beach!  ::Insert heart melt::

How did she get so big?

Y’all?  I’m sorry, but I just think I have a stinking HOT husband!!

Oh yeah, me and this guy?  Celebrated 5 years of marriage this week!  I’m such a lucky girl!!  I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else!

Daddy and his girls!  Last family of 3 vacay!!

We had such a great time and made so many great memories!  I feel so fortunate to have gotten another family vacation with the ones I love!

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