Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 1

This past week we took our last beach vacation as a family of 3!  If we go anywhere next year, we will be toting around a 6 month old.  Cuh-ray-zee!!

Last Saturday we flew into Orlando and stayed at my Grandpa’s condo.  It was so nice and the pool was so clean, and there was NO ONE else at the pool when we were.  And the best part?  It was free!!  Thanks so so much Grand Poppy!!
On the airplane!  She did so good and loved it!!

Our first night was just relaxing, getting groceries for the week and eating dinner out at a local seafood restaurant.
Raw oysters anyone??  Everyone except me, because obvs.  However, I really wanted some!!

The next day we headed to Clearwater beach for the day and bought Mia some sand toys and this cute little hat!  Clearwater was not our favorite because it was crazy packed.  Mia had a great time though!


Lunch on the beach at Crabby’s!


Mom and Dad <3

Uncle B



To be continued…