Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big day for both kiddos :)

Yesterday we went to see check in on H2 and do the Nuchal Translucency test.  For those of you who aren't’ familiar with that test, it is basically a test to check for chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down Syndrome.  I didn’t necessarily want it for that reason, but mostly to just see the baby again and get some pics!! HA!  Any who, everything looks perfect and that kid moves like crazy!  Dave even looked at me at one point and said “You don’t feel that?!” in disbelief!  It was such a great feeling to hear the words “everything looks normal.  Textbook.”  We NEVER heard those words while pregnant with Mia!  Praise the Lord!

Sweet little H2!  We tried to get the sonographer to tell us what gender she thought the baby was, and she tried, BUT the umbilical cord was between the legs and that little stinker would just not hold still!  It’s all good, we will know sometime in August!!

Today Mia had a follow up cardiology appt and a speech evaluation for Head start.
Let me just preface these things with this:
*Apparently when Mia was in the NICU, she had a murmur.  Either I was too out of it, or no one ever told us.  So the other day I was going through trying to find her birth certificate and found her NICU discharge paperwork.  On the paperwork said to “Follow up with Cardiology at 1 year of age.” OOPS!  She’s THREE.  I didn’t get to alarmed because typically when they say to follow up in 1 year, it’s just an innocent murmur, like a PDA or PFO (typically close on their own).  However, the worrisome nurse in me decided to call.  We got in today.
*As most of you know, after all the trauma and and ototoxic medications Mia received in the NICU, she has a mild, high frequency hearing loss.  She has hearing aides that she RARELY, I-can-count-on-two-hands, wears.  Not because I am the non compliant mother, but because she is the strong willed, stubborn child.  She takes them out if I leave her alone for a second. And then thinks it’s fun to put the battery down in her ear.  Long story short, kids with “delays” or “issues” can get into Head start and Preschool for free, with speech therapy, if needed.  However, they have to “qualify.”  Today, we took her to be evaluated.

Waiting and playing patiently!
They did an EKG and Echo, both of which were perfectly normal and murmur is gone!  By the way, the doctor said she had (at birth) a PDA and PFO!  Just what I thought ;)  I was still relieved though!

Next up was her evaluation for if she qualified (if she was considered “at risk”) for free head start.  I didn’t get to take any pictures because they took her in a room alone to play and talk :)  When she was all done, they told us that she was normal in ALL areas (speech, motor function, cognitive, etc.) and therefore did NOT qualify.  Again, PRAISE THE LORD!  I never want my child to be “behind” but I was hoping to get her into head start!  Oh well, MDO here we come!  She LOVES school!!

One last thing.  This has been happening A LOT lately…
She loves to line things up, or stack on top of each other.  OCD or gifted??!!  I say gifted ;)

I am so SO thankful for these perfect beautiful children that the Lord has blessed me with.  I love them both to pieces!  My cup runneth over.

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