Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A successful day!

I was supposed to work this morning, but got cancelled/put on call.  Basically get paid $4/hr. to sit at home, hang with the fam, do laundry, etc.  I’ll take it!


So, I got paid $32 dollars today to spend time with my family, whip this house into shape and get ALL of my laundry DONE.  Now I will just sign up to work those same hours on Thursday and not miss out on any money.  Win win for this mama!


After daddy left for work, the girls napped, I got bills (yuck) done, calendar filled out, appointments made, etc.  On top of all that and the house, I even got to shower, before bedtime!!!


Once the girls got up, they ate, played some (minus my stage 5 clinger I had.  FinnyQ was super whiny and clingy to mama today!) and then had a THIRTY minute bath!  I let them play and giggle and splash and they loved every minute of it.  After bath, I decided to break some rules, and we went outside, squeaky clean, in our PJ’s!!


Because, why not?


We did some drawing/writing with chalk!




Watching her sister!




Mia said “Look!  It’s Rapunzel, with her LONG hair!”  Good imagination little girl!!




Totally posed, but whatev.  Mia’s super cheesy grin is a dead giveaway!





All by herself!!!



Her balloon!





Wet hair, don’t care.  This one had some small mommy assistance.  But still.  So proud!


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