Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The past few days

The goings on of what’s been going on.

Mom took Mia to spend some one-on-one time with her. They went to push a little cart, also known as Kroger, and then to her favorite park!  She had such a good time with her Meme and I am so thankful to have people in our lives that love my kids and just want to be with them.

And Meme took her to TWO of her favorite places :)
Here are some of the pictures Meme took…


I love Mia getting quality time because she has gracefully taken a small step OVER, not back since Finley has been born.  She has taken on the big sister role like a champion and I am so proud of her!
While she was out with Meme, mommy and this little girl spent some time together!

Happiest baby on the block.  Didn’t even read that book.


Dave and I took the girls to another local park.  We grabbed some lunch, had a picnic and played!  We are trying to soak up all of the nice days!

Finley’s VERY FIRST time swinging!


I’d say she loved it.  But then again, there honestly isn’t much that this kid doesn’t love.

Then we put big sister in with her…
HAHA!  Crazy how big my big girl is!  She has gotten so long.  Such a beautiful girl!  I feel pretty blessed :)

After daddy left for work, us girls just hung around the house!
This girl is so contagious.  She can always put a smile on your face.  Those who aren’t around her are truly missing out on a one of a kind kiddo!

Lazy day.  We played outside.  Cooked lunch.  Played outside.  Did some house work.  Played Candy Land. Played outside. Had dinner.  Bath time, where Finley had her first Code Brown.  Movie/cuddle time.  My favorite kind of day :)

Fell asleep playing.  Creepy half open eyes.

Serious business.  She won, two games in a row.  Fair and square.  We are NOT those parents who let our children win!  You are gonna win some in life, and you are gonna lose some.  The point is to always give it your very best, and then be a good sport either way.

Little sister wanted in on the action…

Testing out some sippy cups!

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Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

They are both so cute! Love the swing pic!!!!