Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let’s call this post “Short stories”

So I gave Finley her first taste of peas.  That went well.  NOT. She gagged and spit and shuttered.  You know, like the whole body chill/shake?  Yeah, that.  I decided not to force it anymore, after a few good laughs (I know, that’s mean!), I switched it out for the apples/blueberries mix and she ate it like there was no tomorrow!  Just for records sake:  she loves avocado, all the fruits so far, hummus and grilled chicken.  No, we are not going by the book with this kid.  I was going to try to make all of her food, but this mama ain’t got time for that, so we buy organic baby food.  Or, if we eat it, she gets some of it (within reason of course.  No Mickey D’s or sweet tea or anything crazy). Simple and plain.  It works for us.


Long story short, I mix Finley’s baby food with rice cereal.  Mia loves to help mama with her little sister.  I walk out of the room for a minute, Mia yells to me “Mommy, c’mere, Finley’s eating!”  Oh. Geez. I walk in, Mia had so sweetly made her sister a whole bowl of rice cereal sans baby food and was feeding it to her with a spoon.  Finley, being the happiest baby I’ve ever met is just sitting there, smiling, with rice cereal all over her mouth!  Have mercy, it’s a good thing this child is so laid back and patient!  HAHA


We had just sat down for a family dinner, I went to pick up my first bite and Mia interrupts, “We gonna pray?”  Yes ma'am, we are.  I am so sorry for starting without that!  Mia, without being asked, starts praying “Dear Jesus, thank you for my friends, thank you for food, and thank you.  Amen”  AMEN baby girl.  Amen.  Just when I think we are doing it all wrong, she does something like that that makes this mama’s heart so proud and realize that we may just be doing it right.


My dad and I just went and spent some time in the sheriffs office.  I, evidently, had a warrant for my arrest, due to expired tags.  (They had been paid, I had not placed that little square sticker on my plate and there was a misunderstanding between counties)  It’s all good now and my record is CLEAN.  I just want y'all to know that you are dealing with a real bad mamajama here.  HA!  Yeah right. Those who know me in real life, don’t laugh!  I would cry like a baby if I got locked up!  That’s why the daddy came with!!

We’ve been looking for some landish places.  We want about 2-4 acres.  A place where our kids and dogs can run, but I can still be like 5 minutes from civilization, ya know?  We have found a couple of spots, so hopefully in the next year or two, we can make that happen!

The older Finley gets, the less I think that her and Mia look alike.  At first, I thought they looked like twins, but now, I don’t even know if they look much alike??

This is as close of a picture as I could get.  Both in the same bath chair, with food on their face!
Mia left, Finley right.
Obviously, Mia’s pic is older, and she is about a month older in her picture.  I see different noses, different shaped eyes and Mia had LOTS more hair!  What do you think?

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Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Mia is so sweet and that Finley is just adorable. I'm not sure I've seen her not smiling! Those 2nd children are born tough and easy going. You are a bad mamajama :)