Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Sunday of new beginnings

This morning was “promotion Sunday” at church, where all of the kids got “promoted” or moved up in classes.  Mia is now upstairs, with the big kids.  We also put Finley in the nursery for the first time.  As we walked away, with both children in class/nursery, Dave looked at me and said “Wow!  That’s rough!”  I think we both just kind of realized how big our kids were getting and it made us sad!  After that, we joked that we would keep having kids, just to make sure we always had one in the nursery! HAHA

Their security tags.  Now I have TWO of them to keep up with.

Per the norm, Finley went to the nursery ladies with a huge smile.  Mommy was smiling on the outside, the inside was screaming NOOOOO, not yet!

We are currently looking into a new ABF class, so we got out of church early today.  Our old ABF class was great, and we love all of our friends, but it has come time to move on and be in a class with people more in our life stage. We also want to be in a class with lots of older couples, preferably, for the wisdom in marriage and child rearing. Although we value our parents wisdom, advice and opinions, we also would like some UNbiased advice and Godly counsel.  Hopefully we will find our fit SOON!

When we went to get Finley, this is what we saw…

My always smiling, happy baby, playing contently!  They told us “She is such a JOY to have. So happy and sweet!”  Seriously, we get told that by everyone.  Such a great girl!

Next, we went to get Mia and her new teacher told us how good she was and told her “Thank you for being a good girl and listening!”  Wow!  I’m a proud mommy!  Thank you Lord for these wonderful children!!

After church, some sweet friends came to have lunch and spend the day with us.  And just DO LIFE together!  We had a great time.

Mia and sweet Gracie playing on the water table.

So happy to have people to invest in our lives, and us in theirs.  Thankful for great friends tonight!

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