Friday, August 16, 2013

Finley is 7 months!

Littlest baby girl has surpassed the 1/2 year mark and is now officially closer to being ONE, than a newborn.  And mommy could cry.  Second children grow up a super sonic speed!

This little lady gets called “smiley” but everyone that sees her.  She will smile at anyone and has yet to meet a stranger!

She has gotten super close to mommy though.  Pretty sure it’s because I have the boob.  HA!


This baby is pretty much perfect. Honestly.  I get told on a daily basis how good, happy and sweet she is and just how lucky I am.  I know. She lights up the room and can instantly warm your heart.  All you have to do is look at her and smile or talk to her!


Sleep:  Still.The.Same.  She still wakes multiple times through the night.  Now I am convinced it is for comfort and not for hunger.  Although I talk a big game about how I am going to make her cry-it-out through the night, I can’t resist that sweet face and bonding we have through the night.  And I know this will all be over in the blink of an eye, so I’m not too concerned.  I love sleeping with her and the cuddle time I get :)

Eating:  Same as last month.  We basically give her just about everything we eat.  She also likes those organic food pouches.  I hope and pray we get another great eater, just like her sister :)


Finley LOVES her big sister. Mia can make her laugh like no one else.  They just look at each other and smile and laugh.  We will hear them just cracking up at each other in the backseat, and Dave and I just look at each other, knowing we produced that.  In all of my motherhood experience to date, these are my favorite moments that make my heart smile.

This picture is totally posed.  She does not pull up yet.  And let it be known that I am GLAD about that and am in NO hurry for that to happen.

Ms. Squishy loves loves loves taking baths, esp. with her sis! She gets splashed in the face and doesn’t care one bit.  She actually laughs! HA!  Love my water loving babies! One of the huge differences between my two girls (there are a LOT of them) is that Finley doesn’t do “alone” play very well.  Mia would play in her jumper for hours and be content. Finley’s max is about 20 minutes.  She would prefer to just cuddle on the couch, talking with you.  Mia was my ANTI cuddler.  However, it is super hard to get stuff done with a baby who never wants to be put down and left alone.  But, I get my cuddle bug that Mia wasn’t.  I choose the baby, though. The house will keep and my babies won’t!


FinnyQ likes to babble.  She says the dadadadada’s, mamamamama’s, bababababa’s, etc. 
We like to sit around and guess at what we think Mia and Finley will grow up to be and what their personalities will be like.  We are guessing that Mia will be our strong, independent, spread-your-wings and fly child who will travel and not need to settle down and get married.  Finley will be our super sweet, loving, not-in-a-hurry-to-leave-home child who wants to get married and have babies of her own.
These are totally just our fun guesses, we could totally be wrong and they could be opposite!
Only time will tell.
The only thing I know for a fact?  I love these girls of mine more than life itself.  Just the mere thought of how blessed I am brings tears to my eyes.  I know I didn’t earn these children by good works, etc. but by God’s amazing grace alone, He trusted me, ME (an extremely flawed, sinful person), to be their mommy.  And I am forever grateful.

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