Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shopping day

Today after daddy went to work, we went shopping with Meme, Poppy and Ben.  Ben needed some school clothes, as did Mia.  I put a pair of jeans on her from the end of last school year (May) and she looked like Dwight Yoakam.  Those things looked like they were painted on and she was ready for a flood!  HA!!  She kept bending over and saying “I’m too big for these!”  Girlfriend grew like a weed over the summer!

We first at lunch at Panera, then stopped by the Disney store, just for fun ;)

Ms. Sassy was in RARE form!

We stopped by the family bathroom so I could change Finley’s diaper, I turned around and saw this…
I’m teaching her well, at least :)

Sweet shopper girl…

A shopping trip is not the same without our usual strawberry lemonade!!

I got some really cute jeans for her from Old Navy and Children’s Place and my favorite from Dillard's.  A pair of Levi skinnies.  I die.

Poppy and the girls!

Our last stop was at Pandora, where Meme got me a charm for my birthday!! 
Lastly, we had some dinner to wrap up our evening before school starts tomorrow!!

Love all my peeps :)

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