Saturday, August 17, 2013

Growing up and letting go-State Fair 2013

My heart is so full and proud, yet breaking, all at the same time.

Lets just start from the beginning.  We go to the fair every year.  We love it, esp. the food! 

My loves, ready for some fun!

The first mission of our fair trip is always the food.  Then fun.  Priorities people. Priorities.

I had a polish sausage (Mia eating.  Ate half!), and Dave got the huge turkey leg (Mia ate as well)!  I’m telling you, there is not much that kid won’t eat!

Once our bellies were full, Mia decided she wanted to ride the rides first.  And that is exactly what we did!  The fair is all about the kids, and seeing her happy, makes my happy. There is NOTHING at the fair more fun than seeing my baby have a blast :)

She wasn’t quite tall enough for everything she wanted to ride, but she did get to do a LOT!
First up, SWINGS!
Nailed it.

Then a kiddy roller coaster!  Nothing but smiles :)

We decided to go in for a bit to take a break from the heat, get a drink, look at some booths/exhibits and I had to feed Fin.

Looking at the baby chicks with Pops…

They have this station set up called the “Rock and Relax” room. It is a room with multiple changing stations on the left, and on the right, behind a curtain, lots of rocking chairs set up for breastfeeding moms!  I was so thankful for that!  It was nice to be able to nurse your baby, without an audience, and actually be encouraged with breastfeeding! The lady working that room was a lactation consultant.  Definitely impressed by that!
Mama and Fin taking a break!

Back outside it is!


Mia and Meme on the carousel!

Since when is she big enough to go stand in line, all by herself?  Like she’s some kind of big kid or something!
So amazed by this gorgeous kid that is MY daughter.

She walked right up on the crazy bus, sat right down beside a sweet little boy and was happy as a clam. 

This is the slide we usually do with her every year.  This year she did it all by herself.  So proud and so sad, all wrapped in to one crazy emotion!

I’m quite certain it went a lot faster than she was expecting and it tickled her tummy!  Look at that face and those arms!!!!  HAHAHA!  She still got off and “I wanna do it again!!!”
These pictures make her still look like the baby she is to me!

Up, up and away!

Truck ride and an obstacle course!

Next up, my mom FAIL and WIN. Mia walked right up to this super tall-drastically-drop-you-at-a-fast-speed ride and wanted to get on.  I thought for sure she wouldn’t get on it, nor would she be tall enough.  So I allowed her to walk up there and they let her on!!!!

::Insert mommy FREAK OUT::

She hopped right on next to this sweet boy and I my palms immediately started sweating.  I was almost in tears and was telling my mom “ I can’t do this, get her OFF!”  My dad was pretty freaked out too, so he asked the boy if he would “hang on to her.” My fear was that her little booty would come up off of the seat because she is so light.

Would you know that sweet boy held on to her ankle for me?? 

I can not believe my baby girl is way up there.  On that big kid ride.

I think at this point my eyes were full of tears. I was a nervous wreck.  I just knew that when, or if, she got off the ride safely, she would cry and hate it.  But low and behold, she surprised me again.  She was smiling and laughing hysterically, and WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN!! 
Honestly, that girls NEVER ceases to amaze me!!

Round 2!!  And final round, mommy couldn’t take it again!!


Successful fair trip!

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