Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bikini time ♥

Yesterday Mia and I shared a cherry shake from Sonic-actually SHE had 3/4 of it!  I think she got a brain freeze a couple of times because she would stop, squint her eyes and make a growling sound!  The growling sound she does when anything is cold, but the eye thing made me think BRAIN FREEZE haha!!

My big girl!

This morning Mia woke up talking to the "dog dog" and "dada" while she was smacking dada on the back!  She was in a good mood at first, then she got fussy.  She was changed, had a bottle and Elmo was on.  I asked her "Mia, do you want to eat?" and she did the sign for "eat!"  What a smart little girl I have!  I just love her!Today we had a few little errands to run.  I got Mia dressed-in a dress of course!  I love girls in little dresses for the summer!  Then we headed out...

In the car on the way...

She's a hoot!

When we got home Daddy decided he wanted to lay out in the sun, and so did Mia.  So we got one of her many bathing suits on, lathered up and headed out!

What a babe ;)

It got pretty warm outside, and since she LOVES water, I decided to spray her with the hose to see how she would like it AND....SHE LOVED IT!!  She cried when I stopped! HAHA!

Kisses from daddy ♥

We also got our closing date set today!  We close on May 11th and have to be out by the 14th!  The 14th is my dads birthday and we are moving in with them until we build our new HAPPY BIRTHDAY dad!!  HAHA  Everything is just coming together so perfectly!  Thank you Lord!

God is GREAT all the time!

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the 8 o'clock hour said...

how sweet! miss u all!