Sunday, May 16, 2010

BuSy bUsY wEeK......

Lets start with actual Mother's Day...we went to church in the morning and sent Mia the nursery.  I failed to mention that Mia had been started on a higher dose of thyroid medicine a few days ago and it has been HORRIBLE around here!
*Mia was diagnosed with hypothyroidism on her newborn PKU screen they do in the hospital.  She has to take a pill a day, see an endocrinologist every three months and  get her blood drawn every three months until she is three years old.  The thryroid is extremely important in brain and physical development, so the thyroid replacement medicine and dosage of it is very important*
When they increased her dose, it was to much for her-therefore putting her in HYPERthyroid mode-making her VERY irritable, cranky, always hungry and basically no naps!  She would be wound up until 11 at night and wake up a 6 in the am!  Sheesh, I had to call the doc ASAP!!  But, it's mothers day and I would have to until during the week.
After church we did some moving and then went to Sapporo's with our parents to celebrate!
Mom and Dad

Mom and Ben

Dave and his Mom and Dad

Me and My fam!

Momma and her girl!

Hibachi food!
Ultimate Salmon and Mango Crunch rolls!  YUM

eating some rice!

Our chef!
*I forgot to mention that today she said "mama" like 3 times!!*

Monday I worked 12 hours BLAH...

Tuesday was our closing date on the house WOOHOO!!  We moved stuff in the morning with the help of Dave's friend Damon, closed at 3 and then moved some more....and more!  It's exhausting, but ESP with a baby!

Wednesday we went out to the house to get a few more things and clean.  Before we knew it, it was 2pm and Mia hadn't eaten in 4 hours!  I felt so horrible!  She has been eating NOT so healthy foods the past few days because of our crazy week, so this just really sent me over the edge.  I decided that me and her were gonna have a bonding dinner together, just the two of us.  She had grilled chicken, broccoli, cooked carrots, mushrooms, green pepper and spinach/artichoke dip!!  Such a good little eater!

HYPER baby girl!

Playing a game with mommy!


Then we took a field trip to Wal-Mart together!  She was being so good at this point!  I think she needed a full belly and some one on one mommy/mia time!

Waving to the cashier!

*Oh, I called the doctor today and they told me to back her dosage back down and to get her labs drawn in three weeks.  Hopefully the next couple days she will get back to normal*

Thursday-MORE MOVING!  Little by little, were getting there.  Plus at the same time trying to organize and clean the new living area!  After this Dave wanted some quick lunch so we had some mexican!  Mia shared chicken fajitas with me and had her own guacamole!

Lunch with momma and dada
My BIG girl!

cRaNkY pAnTs...

The hubby♥

On our way home from eating Mia said Ma-ma-ma-ma about 10 times!  YAY

My little cranky pants needed a nap...

Friday I don't really remember, besides letting Mia eat the buffet at a local restaraunt.  Green beans, cabbage, meatloaf, macaroni, salad, mashed potatoes and MUCH more!
Saturday worked all day BLAH, came home and tried to watch a movie with the fam but fell asleep because guess what....
Sunday (today), worked til 3!  Dave moved our final items at the house while I worked and then we went to visit his parents and grandma for a little bit!  Whew Im TIRED!  Now we are all lying in bed and I can't wait to hit the pillow and watch the back of my eyelids! HAHA

You are 13 months old now.  You still won't walk because you are a big chicken, but you crawl like a mad woman!  You say dada, mama, dog dog, diesel, tyson.  You can sign "more"and "eat" and I'm working on please and thank you with you!  You have a major attitude!  Lots of personality and VERY strong willed and hard headed!  Just like your mama!  You have 8 teeth.  You LOVE elmo, esp the DVD's!  I, however, am SICK of them!  HAHA  I love you so much baby girl!

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