Sunday, May 2, 2010

Derby weekend!

Friday was a work day, so nothing fun there.  Saturday was Derby, and we were supposed to have a little get together at my parents house, but everyone had something come up so it was just us and my parents and brother.  But it was still a lot of fun with really good food!  Derby isn't anything huge for us, we just like to have get togethers because Mia has GOT to be seen ya know?!

Hat courtesy of Toni!

my B-E-A-utiful baby girl!

♥ Me and the hubbs! ♥

We had a delicious dinner-Kabobs, sweet potatoes, burgers, veggies and more!  Yummy and healthy!  Mia dined on sweet potatoes and avacodos and topped off with some yummy pie!

Courtesy of Meme and Poppy!

Then last night Mia spent the night with meme and poppy so that Daddy and I could pack and move some stuff this morning.  Our house looks sooo empty now!  Thank you mom and dad for watching and taking such great care of my most prized possession!  WE LOVE YOU!
After we packed and moved some stuff in the down pour we went up to the hospital to see his dad.  Dave's dad has an infection that they are treating so please keep him and his family in your prayers!  We took him up some sushi tonight, hopefully that made his night better-I know it would mine! HAHA  OH and Mia was smiling at him and I know that made him happy :)
Now Mia is sleeping and it's time for mommy/daddy time!  We are going to eat some popcorn and watch a movie together!  AHHH!!!!!!!

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the 8 o'clock hour said...

have a good night call me tomorrow
love love love mia and her dress and hat i miss you all!