Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day!

This Mother's Day is extra special to me.  Yes, last year I was a momma, but only for a few weeks.  This year I have been a mom for over a year and have went through multiple challenges and learning experiences, all the while loving Mia even more every day.  It is also very special to me because of how close my mom and I have become over the past year.  Before you have kids you love your mom, but when you have your own child you NEED your mom for her support, guidance and advice.  Not that we do anything in particular on Mother's Day, but it is just knowing how doubly blessed I am to have such a great mom and daughter in my life.

My Mom

Mom and I have a special kind of bond.  One that is like no other.  I can share my deepest thoughts with her and know that I will ALWAYS be loved by her no matter what.  Even if I am wrong, though she will tell me, she still loves me for me, unconditionally.  I know I don't always do the best, but I do strive to make my parents proud of me.  My mom has always guided me down the right path.  Growing up I had multiple friends that their parents would give them money to go shopping, pay for their brand new cars at 16, did all of their laundry, allow them to stay out late and just pass satifactorily in school. NOPE, not my mom/parents.  I was the kid jealous of those friends.  I had a job at 14, payed for my own shopping habits, had a 1984 Cougar, then a 2001 Saturn that I made monthly payments on, did my own laundry, had to be in early and they ALWAYS had to know where I was, and had to make all A's and B's or else be grounded for 6 weeks.  That was my life growing up.  I thought they were always on my back and never praised me for the good things I did.  Mom's famous quote: "You don't understand it now, but you will when you are older"  and "go brush your teeth before you get to sleepy."  UGH, always on my back!  I thought they were so strict and mean and uncool.  NOW, thank GOD they were that way because I am a responsible christian woman who graduated nursing school, got a job, bought a house, got married and had a baby-in that order!    Looking back on it, I am so thankful they were that way and I already see myself being the same way with Mia.  The parents that don't try are the ones who don't really care in my eyes.  My mom knew my capabilities and pushed me to the max. 
My mom is an extraordinary woman who is gentle and kind, caring and loyal.  She strives to praise God even through some of the storms she has weathered in her life and I admire her for that.  I look to her for strength every day, because I am weak and she is my back bone.  Mom, I love you more today than any day previously.  You (and Mia) are my best girlfriend(s) and don't know what I would do without you.  I thank God every day for blessing me with such an amazing family and pray for him to keep you safe and healthy.  Happy Mothers Day!

Me and mom!

Mia and her Meme!

My Daughter

Oh, how I love this little blessing.  My mom always said there was NO love like a mother's love and I must admit I didn't believe it before I got pregnant.  I thought Dave and my dogs were IT!  I loved them more than anything, how could I possibly love anything more than them??  Then I got pregnant...
Wow, you love the baby growing inside of you so much.  You try to protect it and feel more and more connected to it every time you feel it move.  You think, how could my heart possibly love anything any more than this?.....
Then, you give birth to this beautiful child you and your husband made in love and they lay your precious bundle of joy on your chest and it all CLICKS!  AHA, THIS is the love mom was talking about.  The overwhelming sense to nurture and protect and love overcomes you and that was all she wrote....
And then, within 30 minutes of meeting your new addition, she is rushed to the intensive care unit with only a 20% survival rate and the doctor tells you he "is hoping and praying."  (Heart drops).  How could you finally get to meet your new love of your life and she's already going to be taken away from you??  I promise you I have never prayed so hard in my life.  How could it be possible to to think "even though I just met her, if she dies, I'm going with her because I can't live without her."?  I don't know, but I did.  A mothers love is the CRAZIEST love I have ever felt.  A mother's love is not a love that can be explained, it must be felt in the depths of your heart in order to get the correct understanding.

Mia Camille you are the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.  I hope and pray to God that I am half as good of a mother as my mom was/is to me.  I love you unconditionally and would lay my life down if it meant sparing you any kind of hurt.  ANYTHING, ANYTHING I would do for you, no matter what.  You are my special gift from God and NOTHING will ever replace you.  I love you more than I could ever possibly explain to you.  You are my life.  Thank you for making me the happiest and proudest mommy around!

Happy Mothers Day!  I love you both!

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